Shopping with Mom

In a few hours I’m going to my Mom’s house. Actually, where my Mom is, will always be my home also. It’s a given.

I’ll gain the ten pounds I lost last week, and just be…happy.

My mom is a total trip. She loves to shop. I personally HATE to shop. But, we usually find great, big time, awesome deals. I have to laugh, because we really don’t need the stuff, but it’s way cool and a bargain. Of course, when we get home we wonder why the heck we bought what we did.

I have to say, we have fun. Mom gets out of the house and I get to spend time with her. You never know how much time you have with the ones that you love.


I don’t know about you, but I have always liked the look of the Ford Mustang car. I could never afford one, (well, maybe I could now afford an old, used, beat-up one) but I always liked the look of them. I never wanted a convertible, though – I think they are too dangerous! Anyway, when Glenn told me he was looking to buy a 1965 fender mustang I thought he was talking about the car! He told me he was shopping online for one, and I thought that maybe he was talking about looking on Ebay for one. I was rather excited to see what he was going to get! Imagine my surprise when I was looking over his shoulder at the computer screen that he was talking about a music amp! I really felt foolish then!

Getting set up to DJ

My newphew is starting his own DJ business! He’s been moonlighting with a friend of his the past couple of years, helping him out here and there, and he’s made a pretty good income with it. His friend encouraged him to get his own equipment and striking out on his own. His friend has given him a second-hand turntable, (yes, it still works great!) and gave him a list of equipment that he needs. He offered to buy him his pick of turntable cases to help him get started. Isn’t that sweet!

Happy Easter Eggs


One of my favorite parts of Easter is boiling eggs and then dipping them into little pots or cups of color. I love to make different shades of color and draw designs on the eggs. That is something special we’ve always done as a family. I guess it is our little tradition. We do it even without any little kids around to hunt the eggs later.