Bake Some Cookies for After Easter Dinner

photo of cookies decorated like the easter bunny

If you are having a big Easter dinner and there are children involved, why not make these cute cookies for the kids? It is easy to take your favorite sugar cookie recipe, cut out the dough in the shape of a bunny, bake them and then decorate each cookie.

As you can see in the photo, you do not have to spread the icing all the way to the edge. You just draw the outline of this pattern on the cookie and then flood it with Royal Icing. Then add a few drops of food coloring to little bowls of icing and decorate them in whatever color scheme you like. You can even buy decorating pens to draw the thin lines like the mouth, teeth and eyebrows.

I think these bunnies are adorable and would love to make a couple for each person who will be sharing Easter Dinner with us at our table this year.

Snowed In Tonight

We are pretty much snowed in here in Ohio. No one can get down this street because of the several inches of snow and it has not been plowed. Even the main streets are still covered in snow. It’s tricky driving, to say the least, if you must be out there trying to get somewhere.

I’m going to try to shovel some of it tomorrow. I want to be able to get from the front door to the mailbox, and I have to keep the driveway entrance from the street clear. Sometimes the snowplows come through and pile up a wall of snow and ice that blocks you in your own driveway. It gets worse the longer it stays, as the sun melts the snow and the cold temperatures make it freeze again, so it becomes a wall of solid ice.

I wish we had a snow blower, but we don’t. I found two good snow shovels in the garage, so that’s what I’ll use. At my age, shoveling snow will wear me out pretty fast, and so does being out in the below freezing air. I’ll probably have to shovel for 15 minutes, then take a break and come back in the house to warm up. Then i’ll go back out and shovel some more, take a break, etc. No point in getting frostbite or having a heart attack from pushing too hard.

A Happy Blooming – Just in Time for Christmas!

The Christmas cactus is blooming. It will be a full flower by Christmas and it’s only bloomed one other time!!! Here is a photo of the first time it bloomed – look at all the beautiful red flowers!! It is a large plant, but it suffered earlier this year during the summer drought and I was worried that it might have been damaged. But the past month it has perked up nicely.

photo of red cactus in bloom

Seasonal plants like the Christmas Cactus are always a gamble that they will stick to our calendar and bloom on time. I found several red buds ready to burst open in the next day or two -so it will really be full of blooms by Christmas. This year has a lot of nice events leading up to the holy season. We are blessed!

End of the Year Duties

December means a lot of different things to different people, and much more than just Christmas or shopping. It is the end of the year. It is two weeks of no school. It is the start of winter and it’s associated bad weather. The last month to make changes to your personal finances with tax tax implications. And the time to give generously to charities.

For me, I organize my files and get my bank records and personal papers together so that I can file for my tax refund as soon as I get my W-2 in January. I set up new file folders for next year, and look back at what I earned and spent this past year.

I also write a long letter to family and friends that I tuck in with the Christmas cards that I send out the first two weeks of December. I make the cards myself, with little bits and pieces of crafting supplies like little ribbons, odd buttons and even dried leaves or flowers from my garden. It only takes a few minutes to make each one, but I make them specifically for a particular person and I think good thoughts and happy memories of time spent with that person while I create their card for them. I just finished the cards a couple of days ago and am on my way to the post office in the morning.

What is special about your December?

Harvesting the Last of My Summer Garden

The weather always seems to know it has to get chilly when school starts. I needed a jacket this morning when I took my dog out. This time of year also means that my summer garden is about finished producing all these wonderful fresh vegetables. I will have to spend a few hours harvesting the last of the vegetables and then pulling the plants to prepare the garden beds for winter.

I though about planting some cold weather vegetables, like broccoli or kale, but I think I will pass on those this year. Something tells me that this winter is going to come early and come hard. I would be so disappointed to put all that work into a winter garden and have it ruined by an early freeze. I hope I am wrong about that, but I feel it n my bones and my bones are pretty wise after all these years.

Not My Dog – But Funny

photo of found dog poster

Someone posted this photo on Facebook and I had to laugh. Although it is not my dog – this time – I can really see someone finding a lost dog and taking it in, then falling in love with the dog so much that they don’t really want the true owners to ever come take their dog back.

If my dog was to ever be lost, I hope that some good-hearted person gives him food and water and makes an effort to let me know he was found. A post on the tree or notice at the grocery store would probably be all that I need to find him. Worst case, call the pound and file a report to let them know a dog was found. You do not have to take the dog to the pound – they will let you foster the dog and keep the report in case the rightful owner calls. A lot of people also make up flyers and leave them with the local vets.

Cigar News Channel

While visiting a friends parents on the short vacation I took with her, I met her parents and they are such wonderful people! My friend’s father Bob is an elderly gentleman, who has traveled the world extensively and his only “vice” so to speak are cigars. He even turned me on to a cigar news channel. I was actually rather amazed to be honest, of the knowledge Bob had about tobacco and also the various kinds of cigars that there are. I never realized there were so many. Up until I met my friend’s dad, I just thought they were all the same and quite frankly I also thought they stunk to high heaven…at least the ones that I had ever smelled.

Bob’s cigars however are were top of the line he explained, and expensive but worth the price to him since he really appreciated a good cigar. To my surprise, I actually liked the smell of a couple of the cigars he smoked while I was there. We watched a cigar videos that told a great deal about various cigars from around the world and also there was so much to watch, I started to actually improve my knowledge of the cigar world. It is indeed a great channel to watch if one smokes and enjoys fine cigars, or even for the people like me, who got sort of interested in the making of them and even the various smells of them!

I can’t say I’d smoke a cigar myself, but Bob gave me one of the fine thin ones that he had stashed and told me to enjoy it one day. Perhaps I’ll save it for a big celebration or holiday. I know I love the smell of this particular cigar, so we’ll see! Until then, I’ll tuck it away.

School is out for Summer

Today was my youngest son’s last day of school. He does however start drivers training this evening though. It hardly seems possible that my “baby” is going to be a Junior when he goes back to school in the fall and also that he will be driving. Time flies way too darn fast.

Tomorrow we’re going shopping for summer clothes to kick around in and also flip flops for me! There a some other things I have got to stock up on and I’m going to be on the lookout for some hanging plants for the front deck. I also need pool supplies and a new skimmer.

I’m hoping to hit some of the sales I’ve seen in the local store flyers and also perhaps find a few garage sales. I’m not sure how my son is going to like shopping with me, but since he has his drivers permit, I’ll let him drive me around! Scary thought, but he’s got to get practice in.

Plants coming up strong

All of the seeds that I planted are coming up and I’m excited to see what the finished “project” of my flower and herb garden is going to look like!

I have to admit that I over planted seeds again. I do this every year and I have always hated thinning my little babies out. It is just something that makes me think I’m killing perfectly good plants.

The weather has been a bit chilly for this time of year, but it still feels so good to go outside barefoot and play in the soil! It does however feel like the months are flying by.


Strange weather and hail

This morning the sun was trying to shine and yet it was raining. All of a sudden despite of the sun peeking out, we got hit by golf ball since hail. I was so afraid it was going to break my truck windshield because I had not put the truck into the garage last night when I came home.

As I have been watching the news, my heart goes out to everyone all over the US who is having property damage and for those who have been killed because of this strange weather we have been having.

The neighbor next door has one of those underground storm cellars and it’s right on the edge of our property line. It is being neglected since the man who bought the house and is renting it to the young girl, does not want us to continue to keep it up. The lady who used to own the house was a dear friend of mine and since she was elderly, we made sure that we kept the cellar neat, tidy and clean. Now I am concerned that if we get the tornadoes that the almanac believes we will have this spring and summer, that we won’t have a place to take shelter. I do believe however that we would still use the cellar if it got bad. Heck with trespassing! If that is what it would take to keep my family and animals safe, I’d do it.