Twizzlers (free clip art)

Twizzlers (free clip art)

One of my favorite candies for all these years is strawberry Twizzlers. I used to buy it at the coner drug store for a quarter. It came in a cellophane pouch with two rows of short red twisted sticks. Back in those days it came in strawberry and licorice. I don’t think licorice is in favor with this generation’s children. It isn’t around the candy aisles that I see, except for the ocassional box of Good and Plenty.

How Do I Complain About My Solicitor

Few people know that if they are discontented with the service of a solicitor or feel that they have received poor or substandard service or suffered some kind of loss due to the negligence of a solicitor they can file a complaint against the solicitor. This is when the question “How do I complain about my solicitor?” is raised.

SOS Claims specialises in assisting people who have had a bad experience with their solicitor and need professional impartial advice to remedy the situation. Not only will clients be assisted with a complaint about the solicitor, but also receive help with pursuing a claim against the solicitor.

This in  regards to their unprofessional conduct, negligence, or with the help of the court have the cost of the service placed under review. This is also applicable where unreasonable deductions were made from any type of compensation that is due to the client.

Reasons to Complain About My Solicitor

One can complain about a solicitor regarding unprofessional conduct or negligence in just about any area of law. The most common areas of law where clients complain and complain about their solicitors are:

  • Solicitors negligence in medical and clinical negligence
  • Residential conveyancing solicitors negligence
  • Commercial property solicitors negligence
  • Personal injury solicitors negligence
  • Employment solicitors negligence
  • Commercial litigation solicitors negligence
  • Divorce solicitors negligence
  • Will preparation solicitors negligence

It is important to note that the first step should always be to raise disgruntlement with the solicitor in question in writing stating all the facts and concerns. The obvious route would be to act upon the reply received from the solicitor. If it seems that a dead end is reached, the question of how do I complain about my solicitor arises. One can step over to the next step. Before a new solicitor is appointed to assist in the matter it is important to be able to provide all documents and proof of complaint and alternative communication.

Although not two negligence claims against a solicitor is ever the same, there are some scenarios that are typical complaints and are received on a regular basis. These are when a solicitor:

  • Under settled a personal injury claim
  • Has failed to serve notice on behalf of a client by a given deadline
  • Missed the limitation date of a legal proceeding
  • Caused the claim of a client to be thrown out by the court
  • Failed to administer a deceased estate suitably
  • Failed to draft a will appropriately
  • Made an miscalculation or mistake in drafting a lease
  • Failed to detect a shortcoming in the title to a client’s property
  • Sued the wrong party
  • Neglected to advise a client about the planning permission and building regulations of a new building or building improvements to an existing property.

The Next Step

In the instance where a client has suffered some form of financial or material lost due to the negligence of a solicitor, SOS Claims will gladly start to assess the facts of a case and take it over.

Before anyone needs to ask how do I complain about my solicitor, the friendly personnel of SOS Claims will be ready with the first step and effective, friendly, professional, and speedy advice.

Dry Hands

dry hands (free clip art)

dry hands (free clip art)

Maybe the change in weather is making my skin feel dry. Or maybe I have been cleaning the house so much that the chemicals and soap are drying out my skin. Either way, I need hand lotion. Lots of it. I couldn’t find a single bottle of it in the house. So I used vaseline this morning and tomorrow I will head to the drug store to buy some lotion.

Under the wire

Corn stalks (free clip art)

Corn stalks (free clip art)

It’s after 5am and I am still making adjustments in costumes and such. I can not believe it…then again, yes I can. Tired? Mom’s aren’t supposed to get tired. In a little while I have to go out to our one corn field and get corn stalks for the porch. I did a good deed tonight and went to the local tiny town bar, walked in and grabbed my partner who was loaded and needed a ride home. Mind you, I NEVER go to bars anymore. But, he needed a ride home and I would rather go and get him than have him drive under the big time influence he was.

Here it was, I walked in and a Halloween party was going on. Great. Me, my hair ontop my head trailing down to where ever it wanted to be and my jeans and Detroit Tigers starter jacket on. Ummm.. no make up, and what a nice picture that would have made. ICKY. But, we got home safely, I put my guy to sleep on his sofa and then came back home…four houses down, which is cool, to remake costumes. I’m done for the “night”. Good morning, Good night type deal here? Yep, sort of. I still have lots to do and getting second and third winds are not cool.