Redirects Are A Good Tool To Use For Websites

A few days ago my sister was telling me that she was thinking about creating a website, but she couldn’t decide what name she wanted to use. She was torn between a couple of different names, and a couple of different suffixes. I suggested that maybe she would want to go ahead and buy all of the domains and have them “re-direct” to just one name, and then she would just maintain that one website. She didn’t understand what I meant, so I explained that if she went online and typed in “” she would automatically be redirected to a different website. I explained that is something that can be done by the techs at GoDaddy when she sets it all up. I hope she takes my advice!


Long ago, I remember my Grandpa getting his first “high tech” radio. It was a Sony. He was so proud. We could listen to the Tiger’s game without the transistor radio and not have the interference that usually happened during a great play.

When I got a job and was able to buy my own stereo system, I bought a Sony because of grandpa’s. I didn’t know anything about these kinds of things, but I remembered the name and the fact we could listen to our baseball. I also loved the fact that I could slip in a cassette and rewind, fast forward and in general have a “tape” that wasn’t a bulky piece of plastic called an “8 track.” It was great!

Now as years have gone by, I catch a grin. On the weekends my kids have “PlayStation” get together groups. Basically a party! They have Sony PlayStations and work them in a frenzy that I have never seen before. The kids have tried to teach me how to work the controls, but I haven’t got the hang of it. I can’t understand how they move their fingers so fast. It amazes me. I have to admit that I sit watching them and I wish I was a bit younger!

Have you ever seen a bridal robe?

When Tiffany told me that she was going to buy Nicole a bridal robe for a bridal shower gift, I had no idea what she was talking about! I had never heard of, nor seen, anything called a “bridal robe.” So I asked Nicole if she would send me a link to a website that showed me what she was talking about. She sent me an email, that said “click here for bridal robes” and when I clicked on the link, it took me to a website that was selling a lot of bathrobes that had been personalized to indicate that the lady wearing the robe was a newlywed. What will they think of next?

Spice it up

spice racks (free clip art)

spice racks (free clip art)

Cleaning out my kitchen cupboards to do the dreaded job of changing the shelf paper, is not a favorite chore for me. I’m much rather cook for my army of a family and clean up after alone, than do this task. Then and there I decided I totally need more organization in my spice cabinet and room for more spices. In other words, I needed more spice racks!

I am a collector of spices. I don’t care what kind it is, if it sounds interesting I buy it. I love to go to various stores and look at the interesting spices from all over the world. But this time shopping, I was looking for the perfect spice rack. Since I knew that it would take me hours and hours to get out of the store if I went, I opted for the online shopping. I sort of got lost for a few days instead of the mere hours it would have taken me in the regular store. The internet can be pretty cool for things like this, I must admit!

I debated about about the certain kitchen spice racks I wanted to get, and kept going back and forth between pages. (Can you imagine what I do in stores? LOL). I loved so many of them and of course wanted to keep the spending down to just what I needed. I finally made up my mind and bought some great items. Now I have more room. My beloved spices are somewhat organized, and I even have an idea how to use the racks and bottles for holding my little sewing do dads! Am I finally getting organized????  Scary thought for my family, but indeed no doubt a welcome change from my clutter!

Happy labor day

Labor Day (free clip art)

Labor Day (free clip art)

I want to wish you all a Happy and Safe Labor Day. To me, this has been just another day. I can’t stand that people party, drive drunk and just in general make it unsafe for others to even attempt to be on the roads these holidays. It totally sucks.

Today I spent the day putzing around and cleaning. The kids go to their first half day of school tomorrow and I’m not feeling the greatest. But indeed I hope ya’ll had a great weekend and keep safe.