If you are into apps

I don’t know about you, but ever since I got my iPhone, I have been very happy to learn about all of the great free apps I can put on my phone. A couple of my favorites include the “Wal-Mart” app (for the Savings Catcher program – I’ve saved over $100 so far!) and the “GasBuddy” app, which helps me to find the cheapest gas close to where I am when I need to buy gas. My son Jon was telling me that he uses the musicians friend app so he can find out what their “Stupid Deal of the Day” is every day. What is your favorite app?

Fear of written tests?

My daughter has been learning how to drive, which has been taking up a great deal of my time from here. I apologize for that. As far as her real “behind the wheel” experience goes, she is a very good driver. Of course there are some things to work on, but all in all she does well.

Yesterday came the time to take the written test and bless her heart, she didn’t pass. Missed it by two points. My heart went out to her. She called me when it was time to pick her up and she was crying and of course I knew right away what had happened. On the way home we talked and she told me that she froze during the test. She gets very good grades in school and yet when it comes to testing time, the same thing happens. She freezes and then goes “blank”.

I am seriously wondering now if her problem is total fear of the written tests. Every indication is there and I sure would like to know if anyone has even been able to take the driving test that is supposed to be written, orally?  I will have to so some research on this, as she has to be rescheduled to test again as soon as possible. Or at least after the holiday weekend.

Pot Pies

Tonight I was just too tired to deal with cooking dinner. Thank goodness I had a couple of chicken pot pies in the freezer. I popped them in the microwave for 4 minutes and PRESTO! Instant comfort food!

The Marie Callender pot pies are the best for microwaving. When I was a little girl, I remember my mom buying Swanson pot pies and cooking them in her gas oven for about 30 minutes. What a difference it makes to have a microwave on the counter and dinner ready in just 4 minutes!

Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair Forever with Lasers

Many people have at least some hair in a place they don’t want it. Most women shave, wax or use other products to remove it from their legs arms and bikini zone. The methods for removing unwanted hair have greatly improved over the years. laser hair removal is a very popular option.

Lasers can be used to remove hair from a number of areas including the face, arms, back, legs, bikini zone and others. The precision of the laser means certain hair can be targeted and the surrounding skin is unaffected. Lasers can treat an area of skin about the size of a quarter each second. It may take about an hour to do a leg but just a minute or so for smaller areas. It is also permanent after a series of sessions so, it will end up paying for itself.

Laser hair removal is a little different from other spa services and should only be done by people with the training and certification to do it. Check to make sure the establishment has complied with the guidelines and also that the person doing it has been properly trained and has enough experience.

All in all, this is a great solution to getting rid of unsightly hair.