Limited release

Sean was showing me a website that says it is selling a fender rosewood telecaster that is a limited edition. The website says that the guitar was released in 2007 and is only available through December of 2007. So I’m surprised to see that they are still offering it for sale! Looking closer at the website, it does not seem to have a way to order it online – there is a “store locator” function that helps you find a local store so you can go into the store and order it. The guitar seems to be expensive (to me, anyway!) I wonder if any of them really are left, or if this web page should be updated to show that they are sold out.

Mud Fest

Every year when they have Bonnaroo we get rain. One year we even have a freaky cold spell and people were so cold that they were burning propane heaters inside of vans and dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. But this year we are again having rain and thunderstorms.

If you go expecting the rain, it can add to the fun. I remember seeing the movie about Woodstock where all the kids were sliding in the mud and having a blast. That’s pretty much what they face here in Manchester every year, too.

Starting with a clarinet

When I was younger, my brother was in the school band. He was learning to play the clarinet. I remember my uncle telling us that a good “beginner instrument” to learn is a clarinet, and I have to admit that I never understood why. No one ever bothered to explain that to me. I was remembering that conversation when I was looking at the woodwind store online, and I found myself wondering whatever happened to my brother’s clarinet. He moved overseas several decades ago and never responds to any of my emails, phone calls, or letters. That makes me sad that he has isolated himself that way.

Shopping with Mom

In a few hours I’m going to my Mom’s house. Actually, where my Mom is, will always be my home also. It’s a given.

I’ll gain the ten pounds I lost last week, and just be…happy.

My mom is a total trip. She loves to shop. I personally HATE to shop. But, we usually find great, big time, awesome deals. I have to laugh, because we really don’t need the stuff, but it’s way cool and a bargain. Of course, when we get home we wonder why the heck we bought what we did.

I have to say, we have fun. Mom gets out of the house and I get to spend time with her. You never know how much time you have with the ones that you love.


I don’t know about you, but I have always liked the look of the Ford Mustang car. I could never afford one, (well, maybe I could now afford an old, used, beat-up one) but I always liked the look of them. I never wanted a convertible, though – I think they are too dangerous! Anyway, when Glenn told me he was looking to buy a 1965 fender mustang I thought he was talking about the car! He told me he was shopping online for one, and I thought that maybe he was talking about looking on Ebay for one. I was rather excited to see what he was going to get! Imagine my surprise when I was looking over his shoulder at the computer screen that he was talking about a music amp! I really felt foolish then!