A bathroom revamp

I’ve decided that our bathroom is in dire need of a make over. I went online and performed a search for tile. I never realized there were so many beautiful selections. While in my search I found what is called Glass Art and also Stained Glass tile. It is beautiful. I especially am attracted to the Stained glass in an amber color. My budget is rather limited and I was surprised that it is reasonably priced too! I could actually afford it and have some money left over for other odds and ends.

On the flip side of this revamping, I have to remember I still have teenagers at home. I have visions of my beautiful bathroom may not stay as beautiful as I would like. I looked at Subway tile, and it looks like it could handle the wear and tear teenagers have a habit of doing! Decisions, decisions!

Spring Brings Ants

It seems my home is sitting on one mega HUGE ant hill. More like condos full of them in a prime area. I can tell how the spring is progressing based on the size of the ants. And, for general info about me, I HATE ANTS!

The wee tiny ones come first. These are a nuisance, but a product named Terro seems to do the trick. That is, if you can handle the little suckers converging upon a little piece of cardboard constantly for two days. Apparently the ants take it back to the nest and feed it to their young. I now constantly carry a wet soapy rag to wipe up counters, in case the ants track the poison all over the place.

From now until the first frost, I will be battling ants. I really thank the makers of Terro for making my job (and life) easier!

Garden planters!

I am discovering that I am running out of room in my gardens, and needed to make more space. I can’t grow plants inside my house, as dust from the mill down the road filters in everywhere in the summer. We have to keep the windows closed tight and the curtains drawn to keep out the summer heat. So, shopping online, I found garden planters of every shape size and color!

I decided on some decorative planters for around my herb beds that had little fairy’s on them. Very pretty! And they fit into my garden theme perfectly. I added a window box planter under the small window on the right side of the house and put creeping myrtle in it.

Next Spring, I will be using a garden planter as an accent on my porch and though I’ve not tried a high end planter yet, there is always room now to try that also!

Garden Planning

All winter I spend time pouring over seed catalogs, planning my gardens and even adding up prices of the seeds I plan on buying come Spring. I anxiously wait for the first new seed catalog to arrive, and then..in my mind anyway, I KNOW Spring has finally arrived! Of course, when they start showing up in my mail box, I look through them, and my well thought out plans for my gardens I had during the winter, change drastically. I end up re-planning, changing garden plots, and re-write all my seed and plant lists. With out fail I do this every year, and with out fail, I end up changing my mind. Maybe next year, I will just sprinkle seeds where ever they fall and see what comes up!

Garden Pests

This year I put some tomato plants into large plastic urns and set them outside on the one corner of my house that gets any sun. There are so many tall trees in my yard and in my neighbors’ yards that most of my house and yard is in shade. That makes it nice and cool during the hot summer months, but makes growing things a real challenge.

I would love to have a full size garden – like 100′ x 100′ minimum, and grow lots of fresh veggies. But I just can’t do that here. And evidently even the critters are against my having a garden here. After I set out the tomato plants, some squirrels came out and dug down in the dirt and knocked them all over!