Tandem bike rides

Guest post written by Kristen Nichols

There are some things that I’ve put on my bucket list that are just downright silly and cheesy. But I have put some exciting things on there like learning how to surf and skydiving, which I’ve both done. Last weekend I marked one of the cheesy things off my list though, riding a tandem bike.

I had seen someone riding one on a commercial and it reminded me of my list, so I looked online to try and find a place that I could rent one from for an hour or two just fun and the sake of my list. When I was looking for that, I found this site about this internet service deal and decided to click now and take advantage of it.

Shorty after all that, I found the web site of htis place in our town where we have our beach hosue that I could rent a tandem bike from. Well we went last weekend for my daughter’s fall break from school and I talked her into renting one with me. She was game and it was a little fun but awkward. Now we have the pictures to prove it.

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