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Birthday celebrations coming up

This month, on the 29th, is mine and my twin sisters birthday. Lets just say, without actually telling our age, that my sister Nay says she is 39, but I claim quite a few more years, since I’m happy to say that (knock on wood) I’ve made it this far. I figure I’ve earned every year.

On the third of February, my oldest son turns 21 and it hardly seems possible to me. Kids grow up so fast. One day they are learning how to tie their shoes, the next day they are leading their own life and don’t really need you anymore. Okay, that isn’t exactly true since my son moved back home last year. This is fine by me. It’s hard for a seasoned adult to find jobs and make ends meet. He’s trying.

We’re to get together with my sisters and one of my brothers and his fiance for the birthday celebrations at my moms house, on the 27th, which will be nice. I stay most weekends with her to help her out anyway, so I’ll be able to get things ready. I’m excited to see the family. We live quite some distance apart, and it’s hard to get all of us together at the same time so hopefully the weather will be alright for us to travel.

Hair cut, style and color

For my birthday yesterday, we celebrated it with the family at my Moms house. My sisters and I and my youngest daughter spent the night there on Saturday night, and the rest of the family came yesterday. On Saturday, my youngest sister cut about a foot off my hair, styled it but left it long enough so I can still pull it back, then she colored it and put highlights in it.

My sister is a hair stylist, and has her own space in a beauty salon. She also is a colorist and very good at her job.

I really like my hair. It is in better shape, better condition, and feels lighter on my head. It was so heavy that I was getting headaches. The color is great and it’s my natural red, but the white and grey are gone. Plus with the highlights they won’t be so noticeable and sort of blend in.